hong kong regional

第24回 大阪国際音楽コンクール

The 24th 2023
Osaka International Music Competition

*Video Submissions
Deadline 07/30/2023

We are pleased to announce that the Hong Kong regional round of the Osaka international competition is finally taking place again. After a difficult period of being unable to travel due to Covid-19, we are thrilled to host this event now that the borders are finally open. This competition is a wonderful opportunity to bring people together and enjoy the beauty of music once again.

Music is often referred to as the universal language, and it is a language that everyone can share and appreciate. It has the power to connect people from all walks of life, transcending cultural and linguistic barriers. We hope to experience this power of music firsthand by organizing events such as this.

We are honored to have been invited to host the regional round of this prestigious competition. This is an excellent opportunity for us to showcase the talent of musicians in our region and to demonstrate our commitment to the arts.

We hope that everyone’s participation will take advantage of this opportunity to share the beauty and power of music and the selected finalists shall have a fulfilling professional experience performing in Osaka. Please let music transport you into a world of pure emotion and artistry.


Section I


(Own Choice of Repertoires)

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(Own Choice of Repertoires)

  • *Students of music at high school, college, university, members of performing groups or music professionals are ineligible. Students outside of their majors are eligible.
  • *Silver Course: Graduates of music school who do not perform or teach primarily for professional pursuits or financial benefit for more than 10 years.


(Own Choice of Repertoires)




Akane Kubota
Steinway Honorary Teacher
Albert Yue Cheng
Artistic Director
HKAPA Violin Department
Ray Wang
Artistic Consultant
HKAPA Head of Strings and Head of Junior Music Department
Michael Ma
Artistic Consultant
HKAPA Professor of Music (Strings)